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Chris Ric Tim Dick
Chris Moriconi

Instruments: Drums, Vocals, and Kazoo.

Influences: : Rush, Led Zeppelin, The Police, Triumph, Van Halen, U2, Jazz and Ronald Reagan.

History: Chris has played drums for over 25 years and has proudly lost a LOT OF HEARING. By the time he was a freshman in high school he performed in various bands playing wedding receptions, parties, proms, county and state fairs. In the mid-eighties Chris was playing in a band called JamPak playing to sold out shows at Bogart’s in Clifton.

   If you watch Chris play you will notice he is “left footed” and his drums are set up the opposite of traditional players. Says Chris “I knew by the time I was eight I was different from the other kids”.

   Chris has been married 14 years and has two great kids. He met his future wife at the famous Beckfest party in high school. Chris is a graduate of NKU where he earned a major in Speech Communications. He has found this to be beneficial as Mayor for the City of Independence and talking his way out of “jams”. (Moriconi, the name to remember come November).

   Chris is excited to be a part of Doghouse and has some big shoes to fill replacing Paul. Chris and Chuck grew up on the same street and graduated the same year together from Cov. Cath. in 84. He is glad to re-connect with old friends, meet new friends and is ready to rock with Doghouse!


 - Drums: PCP Drums made by DW Drums-all maple shells.

 - Cymbals-Zildjian and Sabian.


-Band:Tie between Rush and Zep
-Artists:Billy Joel
-Obscure Artist or Band:Triumph
-Albums:Moving Pictures, all of Zeps
-Vacation Spots:California, Destin and Siesta Key Florida, Paradise Island, Bahamas
-Foods:Italian (of course)
-Dessert:Chocolate Cake
-Non alcoholic drink:Ice tea
-Alcoholic Drinks:Cold beer
-Movies:Rambo, Godfather, Falling Down, Scarface, Wizard of Oz
-TV Shows:The Weather Channel and Seinfeld
-Sports:Soccer, Golf, Volleyball, water skiing, snow skiing
-Hobbies:Politics, camping and of course music
-Favorite Quotes:5 out of 4 people have trouble with fractions.
-Least favorite band:Rap, yo what up!
-Sports Team:Usually the one in first place
-Radio Station:XM Satellite Radio
-Bar:Average Joe’s
-Ice Cream:Chocolate Chip
-Season:The Hotter the Better


One of these days I want to:
- Visit my relatives in Italy.
- Sleep past 7:00 a.m.
- Retire and rent parasails on a beach.
- Tour the White House.
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