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Doghouse, spanning the globe (or at least the tri-state area) with Tim, Dick, Ric and Chris, playing loud Classic Rock, coming to destroy a town near you soon! And of course Bob to take your picture as you enjoy some of the best Rock.


Doghouse started in 2000, when four Northern Kentucky friends (Chuck Davis, Paul Riesenberg, Tom Schulte and Dick Stewart) started jamming.  It became a frequent occurrance and started talk about playing at parties.  We needed a bass player and stole the bass player (Ric Thelen) from Mr. Grumpy, a band with deity status in Maysville, KY, which was destined for break-up.  The band played a grade school reunion in Nov. 2000 under the name Beer Nuts, without Tom.  This was followed with a performance at St. Tim's in Union, KY with Tom. 

The band had it's first real gig under the name Doghouse (short for Doghouse Dick and the Instigators) at Southern Lanes in Alexandria, KY on March 31st, 2001.  The band played many parties that summer, and started playing some bars on a regular basis.  In the summer of 2002, the band parted ways with Tom, to become a full-force four-piece. 

In May of 2006, Paul Riesenberg decided to leave the Northern KY area for sunny Clearwater Florida, and so departed the band.  But Paul was nice enough to give us a little notice and to our great fortune, we found Chris Moriconi, who plays great drums and isn't too bad of a guy either. On 5/25/2006, we had a farewell and hello gig, where Paul played for half the night and then Chris play the second half, with both playing at the same time for a few songs.

In July of 2010, Chuck Davis decided the rigors of the road, touring with Doghouse was just too much. He left the band but again was nice enough to give us a little notice and we were lucky enough to find Tim Waters, who has some great vocals and plays guitar and keyboards rather well.

We're also glad to welcome back Jim 'Bobby' Oaks to the pack to take pictures, help with sound and lights, and all the other things that matter.

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Some of our favorite pictures from recent gigs:
Contact Info: Chris Moriconi at or 859-743-2932