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Doghouse News - Heard around the Pound

Newest Dog - 7/13/2010

A big Welcome to the newest Dog in the House, our new lead singer Tim Waters!

Tim has gone against all reasonable judgement and agreed to join the band. Tim not only brings some great vocal chops to the band, but also some guitar and keyboard skills that should open up our song possibilities. We're very excited to have Tim on board and continue the 2010 World Tour - Diggin' A Hole!

Welcome Back Bobby - 7/12/2010

A big Welcome Back to Jim 'Bobby' Oaks!

Bobby's going to be back with Doghouse, taking pictures and helping out with sound and lights.

Goodbye Chuck - 7/10/2010

Chuck's turning in his Dog Tags.

Message from Chuck: I’ve had ten great years rockin’ with Doghouse! What made it even better was doing it in Northern Kentucky & Cincinnati where my friends could come out regularly. Thanks to all my friends and the hundreds of other people I have met and become friends with. You have really enabled my bad habit/hobby. Helping put this band together was a dream come true. I’ve been fortunate to know these guys; who are some truly fun and talented musicians. I case you didn’t catch it- Ric is more fun-sometimes, Chris and Dick have more talent-most times. I’ve met thousands of people and seen about that many, if not more, things from stage. Some are worth remembering and some I wish I could forget. While in Doghouse I’ve had to go through rehab on three occasions. Playing music and rehab DON’T go together. I think I have it licked this time. No more physical rehab for me! Back, neck and Achilles are O.K. To avoid withdraw; I’ve already contacted Tommy, one of the other original Doghouse members. We’ll likely jam with some of the other guys who used to play at the Klenco warehouse. Thank God we’ll get back to The Who, Stones-British Invasion stuff, Dobbie Brothers, Santana & Rush…to blow off steam and just play for fun. Another priority for me is taking a short break while my kids finish high school/college. Liz has 3 more years of college and then she’s gone. I don’t want to miss any of Harrison’s senior Cross Country & track meets or Nick’s baseball & Friday night football games. I get this one chance to see them compete, possibly for a last time. What I will always have is a lifetime to play music!

THANK YOU- You’ve been great to play for…see you around town.

Chuck Davis

Back to It - 4/12/2008

2008 is kicking off and we're, “Lappin’ It Up”.

Thanks everyone for all the support and fun we have when you come out to see us. We’ve taken some time over the past few months to try and keep it fresh with some new cuts we really hope you’ll like. BTW- if you have and dance song selections, send them our way.

A few new things also this year. Tour shirts. You gotta earn it by participating, so give it a shot.

Also, we will be playing Jefferson Hall and Legends this year. New venues which are really cool bars.

Da Band

Another banged up Pup - 1/14/2007

Here we go again.

It's been rumored that Chris is going to have to go under the knife, and unfortunately (for him) it's true. Yep, there's another banged up Pup in the pack.

No word as to what exactly his injury is or what caused it, but he'll be out two weeks in February. Heel up quick, dog... and don't lift anything!

Da Band

Dats gotta HURT - 12/1/2006

Dick broke his thumb today in a basketball game. The news is he won't miss any gigs because of it (I guess he thinks he's tough, but we just think he's to dumb to understand pain). Someone needs to tell him that basketball and guitar playing don't mix.

He told us there's good news that there will now be piano in the band, because when he asked the doctor if he would be able to play piano once the thumb was healed, the doctor said yes! To which Dick replied, "Great, because I couldn't play before."

We're just hoping he can play guitar when it heals, because he couldn't do that before either. :)

What the Heel? - 11/11/2006

News Flash! Lead singer goes in for 2nd surgery in 1 year.

There’s been rumor things are falling apart- Not the band, just Chuck. Although Chuck is not the oldest member of the band he’s feeling all the years of abuse from playing sports. First it was a wacked back. He got better. Now it’s something that stopping him in his tracks- yes, the legendary Achilles tendon. Dr. G got him back together and we should see some movement on stage Thanksgiving Eve. Hope you can make it.

We’re hoping to possibly have 1-2 originals ready for you, SO DON’T MISS IT!

Thanks for all of your support by coming out to see us-

Da Band

Final Farewell From Paul - 5/25/2006

These past five years have been a flat out "Rock n Roll" BLAST ! Thanks to everyone who followed the band over these years from our humble beginning, (You know who you are!) to now, and thank you in advance for continuing to follow the "NEW DOGHOUSE". These guys ROCK !! In fact, I have come back into town to see these guys make another attempt to sink the barge at LBYC this Saturday night, May 27th. Come join me ! We'll ROCK together. I would like to thank the following people that have made everything possible.

All the fans - Without you, we would still be playing in the basement,

The band members for their Passion and level of dedication to playing the music that ROCKS!! Keep raising the bar DOGS.

Band member wives - Thanks for putting up with us and letting us do what we do!

Roadie Bob and his Daughter Pixie - Thanks for ALL your help !

Mrs. Davis - for letting us raise her roof practicing in the basement.

The Venues we play. You couldn't be more accommodating. Thank you.

The waitress' for keeping the beer flowing.

All the Tambourine, Cow Bell, and Cymbal players. You really add to the sound.

The Mustang Sally Dogettes. Not only do you sound GREAT, the view from where I sat was fantastic!!!

All the girls who have flashed me over the years. Once you've seen one, you want to see them all !!!

Their husbands for understanding.

The girls who helped me play the Drums. I couldn't have done it without you!

Chris Moriconi - for taking over and rocking with DOGHOUSE !

Thanks again to everyone. Look me up if you’re ever in Clearwater.

Dog's Last Day - 3/24/2006

It’s been said that Every Dog Has His Day, and Paul’s day will be 4/22/2006. That day will live in annals of Doghouse history, because it will be Paul’s last day with the band. It is with much regret that we say goodbye to our original drummer, that’s been with us for 5 years. We’re going to miss him. Paul leaves us to head to sunny Clearwater Florida, better known as “God’s Waiting Room”, where Chuck’s son assures us, he won’t be waiting long. We love you man! (Now can we have your Bud Light?)

In a related story, we’ll be introducing our new drummer Chris Moriconi, that same night, as he splits time with Paul, so that Paul can “mingle” with the crowd and say his goodbyes. Chris will do his best to fill Paul's shoes... although it won't be the shoes that are hard to fill, it will be that XXXL shirt. Doghouse will continue on without missing a beat… well, the bass player misses beats all the time, but we’ve all come to live with that. :)

Video Video of Paul's Last Gig

Rumors - 2/3/2006
Dogs will come and dogs will go, but DOGHOUSE is here to stay! With that being said, we have a dog in the band who feels he has pissed on every fire hydrant in Northern Ky, and feels the need to move south to mark a new territory. Look for further news as it develops.

Hijacked - 1/4/2006
The first batch of Doghouse 2006 Chasin The Tail World Tour t-shirts has been hijacked according to band sources who asked to remain anonymous. Apparently the t-shirts were already in high demand that black market pirates had been earmarking the first shipment for months. Doghouse Art Director, Jim “Roadie Bob” Oakes is completely devastated as he was anticipating a very positive reaction to his new logo image. “300 hours of watching Tom & Jerry cartoons and we won’t have them for the first show," he complained.

Any information about the heinous crime should be directed to Paul Reisenberg…although as the leading giver of free t-shirts last year maybe the investigation should start with him!!! Stayed tuned for developments!

End of the Year - 12/31/2005
This was a long hard tour which took it's toll on most of us. Dick ran most of the year lacking W... chips. Ric- well he had to be driven home by Dick more than we can count. Paul's back got closer to the wall when we setup by 4 inches. Chuck just kept breaking his back. Looks like we will survive most of this stuff but we're looking to make improvements.

We're already in training for 2006 so lookout- we're coming to a town near you.

Chuck Not Quite Right... but Better - 11/23/2005
Chuck showed that medicine does have it's uses, by performing on the night before Thanksgiving at Terri's Sports Bar, after coming back from back surgery only 3 weeks before. It was a great crowd and a fantastic party. Chuck did well, performing up to his normal level. (Thank God for percocet!).

So, Chuck's back is much better... but that boy is still not Right.

Chuck Bows Out... Again - 10/24/2005
After throwing out his back, bending over to pick up the dog's water bowl, much consideration, consultations with doctors, and lots of ribbing from the rest of the band, Chuck has decided to get surgery on his back. The band has cancelled one gig, but Chuck should be ready for the Night Before Thanksgiving Bash at Terri's.

Good luck Chuck, and come back soon.

Back Epidemic - 10/22/2005

After Chuck hurts his back and almost pulls out of the band, Paul shows up to the gig at Dickmann's bent over with a bad back. His son Chris helped haul and set up his drums though, and Paul struggled on like a real trooper, and finished out the night. He only had to axe one song, because he just couldn't turn that way.

Busy Weekend - 8/28/2005

Well, it was an exciting weekend with a private party on both Friday and Saturday nights.   Both were filled with different kinds of excitement.  On Friday, we saw the lengths that some people are willing to go to for the mere promise of a Doghouse Tour T-shirt.  Our hosts were again most gracious and put on a great shindig.  And once again Paul was the only Doghouse member to go swimming.....he would have gotten in anyway.  Guest guitar player, Jaime Stewart, no relation to Dick, (Dick told me to write that Jaime or he'd make me play Brown-eyed Girl every show) put on quite the exhibition.  He's obviously been putting in the OT for guitar practice, he sounded awesome!!! But leave the cigar next time.  Heard in the crowd, "Man, Dick's younger brother is pretty darn good too!"

Saturday, the excitement centered around Paul's determination to get in trouble with the law, first flaunting his non-functioning brake lights when being followed by an Indian Hill cruiser, then trying to make it from Indian Hill to Hebron to Edgewood in less than 1 hour...he didn't make it, but it was valiant effort for which I understand his son donated a nice sum of $$ for his effort.  Maybe Paul will buy him some new cymbals.  We've been monitoring our police scanners for any emergency calls to Balsam Ct.   The catered (mmmm Skyline Chili) affair complete with valet parking in Indian Hill was a bit subdued by Doghouse standards, but there was some excitement when a surprise guest singer stepped up.  Matt (sounds just like Kenny Chesney...uncanny) put on a great show and even showed Chuck a few moves to try out, in belting out Keep Your Hands To Yourself, Brown-eyed Girl and a few others.  We were disappointed though that FOX Weather dude, Rich Apuzzo, wouldn't sing one with us.  Paul reasoned, "It was because we didn't have a green screen to put behind him." Hey Rich!, how're you ever gonna be like Jerry Springer if you won't sing with the band?!? Next time send Tricia Macke...RRRROOWWWRRRR!!

Surprise of the weekend.....Chuck wasn't gassy.

Great Night in Ludlow - 8/13/2005
We didn’t sink the boat- but damn everyone was having a great time.   The crowd was the BEST in participation and we had some great dancers too!   Thanks to all the ladies who helped out on stage and did some solos.   You all were most enjoyable - especially Monica….Happy Birthday!   We really hope to see you all more often!

Congratulations to Bonita B for guessing 4 of the 5 new songs we tried.   She’s got her Tour T shirt.

Don’t be shy people- e mail us and let us know what songs you would like to hear.

Da band

Chuck Bounces Back - 8/2/2005
After the band decides to forge on ahead without Chuck, not only planning on doing the scheduled gigs without him, but also learning 6 new songs, Chuck reevaluates his back condition and decides he can continue with practice and gigs, even though he still doesn't have feeling in his legs.  That doesn't seem to be a real issue, since he hasn't had feeling or thoughts in his head for about 10 years.
Chuck Bows Out - 7/27/2005
Chuck threw out his back, bending over to pick up the dog's water bowl.  This comes months after bragging about how good of shape he is in, and how he's never had back problems.  Chuck cancels practice and all upcoming gigs.
Going Down with the Ship - 7/1/2005
At the Ludlow-Bromley Yacht Club, Doghouse sets an all time attendance record.   But shortly after midnight, the music had to be stopped because the bar was taking on water. Said one eye-witness, "The dang river was coming over the floor, right through the bar.   I heard someone say the band was Going down with the Ship, so I was gonna stay and see that."  Music was stopped for 45 minutes, and the bar cleared of patrons, while the water was taken care of.  We were assured this would not happen again.
Bobby's Bald - 6/29/2005
Yes, Bobby went bald! But it was by his own choice.  After 1 year and 7 months with no hair cuts, he decided he really didn't like hair and went totally bald like his old days in the army.   Dick and Chuck would like to welcome him into the fold.